The Long Island University Faculty Federation (LIUFF) is the union representing the faculty at the Brooklyn Campus of LIU, excluding Pharmacy. The LIUFF office is located is M-602 and the President’s Office is HS217.  The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) contains important information on wages, working conditions, fringe benefits; procedures for promotion and tenure, and all pertinent information regarding employment at LIU.

Under the “agency shop” provisions of our CBA and, as a condition of employment all faculty must either become a member of the LIUFF or pay an  Agency Fee to offset the cost to the LIUFF for representing all faculty interests. The Agency Fee is the monetary equivalent of union dues.

Enroll Today

Step 1: Download and print the LIUFF Enrollment Packet: Membership Enrollment Form.

Step 2: Complete the Membership Application Forms: the first page is NYSUT copy, the second page is  for your records, the third page is the LIUFF copy, and the fourth page is the payroll copy.

Step 3: Send the Membership Application Form- PAYROLL COPY to Donna Martin, Payroll Department, University Center.

Step 4: Send the Membership Application Form – LOCAL COPY to  Mohammed Ghriga, LIUFF Treasurer, by LIU Inter-Office Mail or US Mail.

LIU Inter-Office Mail Address:

Mohammed Ghriga, LIUFF, TICS, BK Campus

 US Mail Address:

Mohammed Ghriga

Long Island University

1 University Plaza, Pratt Building S101

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Union Officers: President, Jessica Rosenberg (Social Work); Vice-President; Ralph Engelman (Journalism),  Treasurer, Mohammed Ghriga (Computer Science);  Grievance and Arbitration, Melissa Antinori (English), Secretary, Emily Drabinski (Library)