NYSUT Member Briefing - Dec. 11, 2020

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Union pushes back on midyear furloughs in Syracuse

Two weeks before the holiday break, the Syracuse Teachers Association faces the city school district’s sudden plans to furlough and lay off teachers and school-related professionals, plans based on rumored 20 percent cuts in school aid. But, could this all be a proverbial failure to communicate?

Labor leaders call out lawmakers on stimulus

As part of NYSUT’s push for a two-pronged federal and state response to the COVID economic crisis, President Pallotta and fellow labor leaders are calling on Congress to ensure New York receives its fair share of stimulus funding. Meanwhile, this week Gov. Cuomo said New York will need to raise taxes to cover the budget deficit — as NYSUT has insisted — even if Congress approves more funding as part of a COVID-19 stimulus bill. 

Pallotta eyes a new day after elections

No matter which candidates and political parties you support, elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, said NYSUT President Andy Pallotta in his monthly radio commentary. Last month, record numbers of people cast their ballots. Together, they chose change. It means a new day is coming.


More news

  • Adopt a NYSUT member in Georgia to help GOTV for Jan. 5 Senate runoff election. Contact your regional political organizer today.
  • The State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council in partnership with The Center for Discovery has launched an initiative to reduce the use of student restraint and seclusion. Teachers, aides, administrators and parents are invited to take a confidential survey on current practices to help shape best practice recommendations.
  • Gov. Cuomo’s Winter Plan for containing COVID-19 includes guidance for schools.
  • Looking for tips on hybrid/remote instruction? We've posted videos of ELT’s popular two-part webinar series.
  • The Education & Learning Trust catalog for the spring semester is available.
  • The federal CARES Act includes new charitable giving incentives for 2020 in an effort to help charitable organizations through this difficult time. Consider making a contribution to the NYSUT Disaster Relief Fund, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, to take advantage of this new tax benefit.


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