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Jul 25, 2014 by

Oxford circa 1964 by Liz Rudey. Clay, 2006 LIUFF member Liz Rudey is an artist whose work is often about memory related to family, place, clothes/shoes, and objects in her life. She is a ceramic artist and has always made many types of clay pieces including sculpture, narrative tiles, functional pottery and jewelry.  More work can be seen at   STRANGE AFTERNOON DREAM By Barbara Henning   Strange afternoon dream about an English department chair— the old time male type— who hires me to take his place. Apple could hire 3,000 foreigners overnight and convince them to live in dormitories. It’s full steam ahead for Mickey Mouse in India. A slippery rich politician is selling a bill of goods. Just answer my correspondence, and see to my appointments. Need a new mattress to...

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