Events for the week of September 12...

Sep 11, 2016 by

Dear LIUFF Colleagues, I know that we are in tumultuous times and that many of you have questions about where things stand. No one expected this unprecedented lockout, not the faculty, not our students, and not the world of public opinion, which strongly condemns the University for this action taken against us.  As your Union President, it’s my job to make sure you are informed about what’s going on, a responsibility that I take very seriously. For this reason, I have scheduled a General Membership Meeting at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church on Thursday, 9/15, from 2 – 4 pm.  Our legal counsel will be there to respond to questions and concerns. In addition, the LIUFF, along with our parent union, the AFT, and in coordination with student leadership, have planned numerous events and...

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Sep 7, 2016 by

Faculty will be gathering together to sign up for the unemployment pay we now require since President Cline and her administration locked us out. We need as many of us as we can muster. Contact our secretary at secretary @ to add your name to the list and join us at the Commons at 388 Atlantic Avenue between noon and 3pm. On Friday, we will gather to do what we do best: teach! Join us in front of the campus at 9:30am for a teach in and speak out with your colleagues and our students. We’ve got a lot of balls in the air right now, so watch this space and your email for information about Friday’s...

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LIUFF Response

May 8, 2015 by

Dear LIUFF Member, As you may have heard, on Wednesday May 6th, 2015, the LIU- Post Faculty ratified a 3 year contract extension of their bargaining agreement that runs from September 4, 2016 to September 1, 2019. LIUFF would like to take this opportunity to share some important information with you. The Post and Brooklyn contracts are on the same timetable. They both expire on August 31, 2016. Although we are in two separate union locals, we are, as is so often proclaimed, “One University.” We share the same labor relations expert and the two unions historically worked together. Our respective faculty have helped one another on many occasions. Together, we are stronger. Unfortunately, this time Post decided to go it alone. LIUFF was not informed of this agreement until after the fact, and...

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Message from the President

Nov 15, 2014 by

Dear Colleagues,  Welcome back to campus after what I hope was a productive and restful summer, and a well-earned Labor Day holiday. The academic year ahead promises possibility and challenge, and I look forward to working with all of you to make meaningful progress toward the university we have committed ourselves to: one that puts students and faculty at the center of everything we do. Over the summer, your union leadership has worked hard to enforce our collectively bargained contract. We have filed multiple grievances in response to an unprecedented wave of tenure denials and non-reappointments. We see these denials as a direct attack on the faculty, and are pushing back hard. We are aggressively tracking other violations of the contract, and encourage you to reach out to your union representatives with your workplace...

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LIUFF Faculty Lounge Is Open

Aug 17, 2014 by

Welcome to the LIUFF Faculty Lounge. The LIUFF Office, located in M602, is now open weekly as a faculty lounge with a refrigerator and microwave and stocked with cold drinks and snacks. We are excited for you to stop by, hang with us, have a nibble and relax! Research shows that taking breaks from work is essential to maintaining your creative energy. So take a few minutes to recharge with your union. Check the calendar to see the schedule for Lounge...

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