Adjunct Faculty Guide

Feb 17, 2020 by

Adjunct Faculty Guide

Dear LIUFF Member,

Welcome to the faculty and to the LIUFF Adjunct Guide! We are thrilled to announce the web production of these materials and thank both Electa Brown and Linda Lopez for spearheading this effort.  What was first imagined as a physical binder that could be produced for every faculty member has now become an online resource that we can add to and update dynamically as needed.  We further envision moving towards an App that can be downloaded.  Stay tuned to check back on these efforts.

Teaching at LIU is a rewarding experience. Our students come from every corner of the globe and represent every facet of our society. What unites faculty and students is a shared love of creating knowledge, investigating challenging material, inspiring scientific discovery, and supporting artistic expression.  As faculty know, the hours of instruction spent in the classrooms/labs/clinicals at LIU are very often the best part of any given day.   In order to help new (and sometimes ongoing) Instructors navigate the administrative labyrinth that is LIU Brooklyn, we have organized the information in this online guide:

If you would like to add a tab/section on a particular topic not yet covered, please email your idea to FACULTY AT LIUFF DOT NET.

We look forward to working with you on the challenges and opportunities ahead at LIU Brooklyn.

In solidarity,


Maria McGarrity

President, LIUFF


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