Fall 2018- LIUFF President Welcome

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Fall 2018- LIUFF President Welcome

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back to campus after what I hope was a productive and restful summer, and a well-earned Labor Day holiday. The academic year ahead promises possibility and challenge, and I look forward to working with all of you to make meaningful progress toward the university we have committed ourselves to: one that puts students and faculty at the center of everything we do.

Over the summer, your union leadership has worked hard to enforce our collectively bargained contract. We have filed multiple grievances in response to an unprecedented wave of tenure denials and non-reappointments. We see these denials as a direct attack on the faculty, and are pushing back hard. We are aggressively tracking other violations of the contract, and encourage you to reach out to your union representatives with your workplace concerns. We are also committed to coming to you. Towards that end, and based on requests from many of you, we began holding focus groups this summer to gather feedback around the most pressing issues on campus. We will continue to grow this initiative in the coming weeks, in an effort to meet with full and part-time faculty in all areas of the university.

Like many of you, we remain concerned about administration’s actions on campus. Revolving doors in administrative departments leave student and faculty needs unmet. Declining enrollments in many programs leave full time faculty facing underloads and committed part time faculty denied their place in the classroom. Crises produced by administration are asked to be resolved at the desks and in the classrooms of faculty and students. Our organized response is essential to restoring LIU Brooklyn to its status as a university of both access and excellence. There will be many opportunities for each of us to get involved in this work this year, and I look forward to joining you in our collective efforts.

In solidarity,
Emily Drabinski
LIUFF President

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