Solidarity Statements

Sep 12, 2016 by

The LIUFF has received statements of solidarity from faculty associations and concerned groups across the country. We welcome these statements as critical support as we stand against this unprecedented lockout.

University of Minnesota Academics United: liuff-solidarity-letter-mn-academics

Resolution from the Marymount Manhattan College Faculty Council: marymount-resolution-on-liu-faculty-lockout-091216

University of San Francisco Faculty Association: university-of-san-franciscso-liu-solidarity

Expression of concern from the American Library Association–Allied Professional Association: statement-from-american-library-association

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  1. Clare

    Can we have an update on if anyone is talking or negotiating? thanks!

    • E. Drabinski

      Negotiations lasted 6 hours yesterday with no conclusion. Negotiations resume Wednesday at 12noon.

      • Connie Halporn

        Could you post a press release or info statement that we could send off to the Media? I know this Lock out has to stay in the Public eye.
        Yours insolidarity

  2. clare

    What can we do to help this situation, and get back to work?

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