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Dear LIUFF Colleagues,

I know that we are in tumultuous times and that many of you have questions about where things stand. No one expected this unprecedented lockout, not the faculty, not our students, and not the world of public opinion, which strongly condemns the University for this action taken against us.  As your Union President, it’s my job to make sure you are informed about what’s going on, a responsibility that I take very seriously. For this reason, I have scheduled a General Membership Meeting at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church on Thursday, 9/15, from 2 – 4 pm.  Our legal counsel will be there to respond to questions and concerns.

In addition, the LIUFF, along with our parent union, the AFT, and in coordination with student leadership, have planned numerous events and protests for the week. 

I am listing them here. However, because things can change very quickly, please check in frequently at


Events scheduled this week include: 

Monday, September 12, 2016:

  • 11am-3pm Financial Counseling, including unemployment insurance and COBRA (Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY) 
  • 12 pm Solidarity with the students #LIUwalkout (LIU Brooklyn Campus)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

  • 8am-11am: 1st shift; 11am-2pm: 2nd shift; 2-5pm: 3rd shift (leafleting at campus entrances, coordinated by Glen Lawrence, [email protected])
  • 12 pm Solidarity with the students #LIUwalkout (LIU Brooklyn Campus)

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

  • 8am-11am: 1st shift; 11am-2pm: 2nd shift; 2-5pm: 3rd shift (leafleting at campus entrances, coordinated by Glen Lawrence, [email protected])
  • 3 pm Solidarity with the students #LIUwalkout (LIU Brooklyn Campus)
  • 4-6 pm Vigil and rally for LIU (LIU Brooklyn Campus)

Thursday, September 15, 2016 

  • 8am-11am: 1st shift; 11am-2pm: 2nd shift; 2-5pm: 3rd shift (leafleting at campus entrances, coordinated by Glen Lawrence, [email protected])
  • 2-4 pm General Membership Meeting, (Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, 85 South Oxford St.) 

Things are moving very fast as we try to end the lockout. I want to make sure you are all staying informed.   You can get breaking news and information in the following places:

 Twitter: Follow us @LIU_FF


 Follow the hashtags #LIUlockout and #LIUwalkout for the social media conversation around our lockout!

Email and phone-banking! We will be emailing updates and calling nightly.


In solidarity,

Jessica Rosenberg

Professor of Social Work,

President, LIUFF

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  1. Stephanie Saia

    I am a retired teacher, member of NYSET and AFT. AND parent of a graduate student at LIU. As of tomorrow my daughter will most likely be withdrawing and taking a full tuition refund. There is nothing being reported to indicate that this problem will be resolved in a timely fashion. What I read on this page indicates you are digging in for a long seige. Neither side has paid sufficient attention to the plight of students who have mortgaged their futures and cannot risk a lost semrster. When students withdraw tomorrow snd take their full tuition with them it may spell the end of the university. You have until Tuesday morning to settle this!!!!! Otherwise the students leave and your jobs are nonexistent. Take heed!

    • E. Drabinski

      Dear Stephanie,
      The LIUFF continues to bargain in good faith, attempting to reach a satisfactory conclusion. The administration rejected a proposed contract extension that would have gotten us back in the classroom last Thursday. The negotiating team meets with the administration today at 5pm. I will update this page with any news from that session.

  2. Radh Achuthan




    As LIU employees, faculty members have always worked for wages, and over the past 42 years negotiated contracts under collective bargaining at different campuses with successive LIU administrations.

    So, what if anything, is getting accomplished in Sept. 2016 with an unprecedented LOCKOUT at LIU Brooklyn?

    In line with inequitable social outcomes of global governance under Natural Intelligence (NI), not more than a ‘drop in the bucket’.

    To place that in perspective :

    1. Of the 2016 global population of 7.2 billion about 3 billion are ordained to live on less than $2 per head per day under a terrestrial, capitalistic, geo-political, economic order.

    2. Every 24 hours about 22,000 of the global Poor die, (about 100, from USA).

    No one in terrestrial governance, local or global, is held accountable.

    3. For over 60 years, a violent, high priority, land transfer program has been operational in the Middle-East by the International Money Cartel,
    collecting interest from both sides on money lend to transact the conflict.

    (Cartel: a monopolistic business combine on one or several entities).

    4. Decisions and Legislation by Natural Intelligence in various governance forums are essentially controlled by criteria of ‘what is good for my family’ and ‘what is good for my business’, with no broader social outcomes realized though claims of intent are presented diplomatically by high-profile, well-paid, well-groomed, globe trotting, spokespersons.

    5. Evidencing evolutionary incompetence, slow (10^-6 sec / signal) Natural Intelligence seems to have reached the end of its tether, and ,

    6. An alternative to NI has emerged, as decisions for the future welfare of the global human population and the rest of the biosphere could be made by self-teaching, self-learning, general problem solving, fast (10^-9 sec/ signal), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in inorganic silicon, that is not controlled by the limitations of Kin Altruism and / or Reciprocal Altruism.

    Natural intelligence (NI) would not be able to ‘pull the plug’ on mutant AGI, and

    futurists assess NI is likely to be archived in the ‘Museum of Natural History’ in about 30 years.

    7. However during the transition, people have the re-energized option to disengage from assisting the profit goals of the self-centered International Money Cartel.

    Further, people could choose their relationships ranging from ‘tense and violent’ to ‘benign and spiritual’.

    People have been blessed with an exceptional example of the latter in Pope Francis -1, (‘Pray for Me’).

    8. YES: In education, the format for effective, on-line courses are almost in place. They are economical and have implications for delivery of education.

    9. YES: Technology based robotics and software programs, have displaced factory workers and middle management in developed countries reducing middle class membership and re-sensitizing the displaced to the absence of economic human rights for populations living at the margins of the global economic order.

    10. YES: We are informed that in 2015, Americans spent about $56 billion on pets , and Europeans spent about $17 billion on their pets; good for pets, owners, and businesses.

    11. That said, at present under NI, all concerned must strive to achieve / grant the professional working needs of LIU Brooklyn faculty by ‘giving, taking, and SETTLING’ negotiations, without delay for the benefit of students. Why not?


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