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Students are organizing a walk out today at 12 noon! Please spread the word widely! #LIUlockout



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  1. Connie Halporn

    YOU GO students!
    You’ve paid for educators to teach you, not any one with a pulse.
    I feel bad for the non-union staff who have to do this or could get fired themselves. Lets not forget that

  2. O

    I have a very good suggestion….even though I am a student in the Nursing Department….. Students, as a whole, should drop our from all their classes for this semester!!!! I guarantee you that through this actions LIU administration will have no choice but to lift lock out of their staff and thus students will be able to get back to their classes with minimum distraction to our learning. After all, if everyone will drop out then LIU Brooklyn campus will have no income from the tuition for this Semester, unless they will allow ALL their professors teach!!!! 🙂

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