9/9 Teach In/Speak Out!

Sep 8, 2016 by


Teach In/Speak Out

We want to go back to work yet President Cline would rather place her own needs over those of our students. She refused to listen to the hundreds of students who walked out of their classrooms today and demanded to END the lockout and have their teachers back!

We will be gathering tomorrow in front of LIU starting at 9:30 am and join with our students.  Join us at the corner of DeKalb and Flatbush and listen to our students speak out and participate in a  teach-in.  Randi Weingarten, AFT National President, Letitia James, NYC Public Advocate and Karen McGee, NYSUT President, will join us, the locked out faculty of LIU!

Bring friends and families as we stand up to President Kimberly Cline. Share this message widely.


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  1. Ester

    If this does not get resolved by Monday, I am definitely dropping out. I am not going to be paying money and getting into debt just so I can pay for classes I can’t take, where professors don’t show up or I’m being taught by people who have no qualifications! GET THE PROFESSORS BACK into the classrooms or lose lot more students then usual!😡😡😡😡

  2. Bojana

    Emily or Jessica,

    Kindly provide an update on negotiations held yesterday, September 8.

    Thank you!

    • E. Drabinski

      Hi Bojana–the union proposed a contract extension to complete bargaining. The administration rejected the contract extension. The lockout continues, and the bargaining teams meet again on Monday at 5pm.

  3. Pippen

    I am prepared to walk out on LIU indefinitely if I am not in class with the Professors i am paying THOUSANDS of dollars for by the end of their planned meeting this monday september 12 at 5pm. If we want change we HAVE to bring the university to a stand still- contracts won’t matter if there are no students to teach to. We have to stand in solidarity with our professors as all of our futures are intertwined. If one body falters we all do. THEY SAY LOCK OUT WE SAY WALK OUT
    Kimberly and her gang are using fear, as well as divide and conquer tactics to try and keep us in our place but its OUR money, OUR labor, and OUR needs that keep LIU running. Why is my education deemed through these horrific actions, less important than the education of our counterparts in Long Island? Why am I being forced to pay back over 100K in loans for an education from an accredited program if I’m not receiving those benefits? Why should we have to suffer because a woman that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year wants more money and power? The message I’m getting from LIU is that the needs of one matter more than the needs of the majority and that goes against EVERYTHING the school of education stands for. I didnt come here to get a farce education from scabs, I came here because I want an education from the highly capable and sought after professors that run the school of education.

    While the headlines portray this as a contract issue, it is obvious that the issue runs much deeper than a contract. It is clearly institutionalized racism in practice. The student and faculty at LIU Brooklyn are mostly of Black, Brown, Asian, and Latino descent. The faculty and study body at the Long Island campus is mostly white- they started classes with their REAL professors on September 7, so why weren’t we afforded the same opportunity? We pay the same tuition and fees so why do we receive the short end of the stick Kimberly Cline? If the demographics of this campus were different, this would not be an issue. Kimberly Cline DOES NOT CARE ABOUT STUDENTS OR FACULTY IN BROOKLYN!!! SHE CARES ABOUT THE MONEY SHE RECEIVES FROM OUR LABOR AND OUR NEED FOR AN EDUCATION. I CALL FOR A SCHOOL WIDE WALK OUT INDEFINITELY IF OUR CLASSROOMS ARENT STAFFED WITH PROFESSIONALS BY TUESDAY MORNING. WALK OUT/DROP OUT do whatever you need but DO NOT SUPPORT KIMBERLY CLINE OR HER SCABS IN RUINING OUR FUTURES AND THE FUTURES OF OUR PROFESSORS!!


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