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Faculty will be gathering together to sign up for the unemployment pay we now require since President Cline and her administration locked us out. We need as many of us as we can muster. Contact our secretary at secretary @ to add your name to the list and join us at the Commons at 388 Atlantic Avenue between noon and 3pm.

On Friday, we will gather to do what we do best: teach! Join us in front of the campus at 9:30am for a teach in and speak out with your colleagues and our students. We’ve got a lot of balls in the air right now, so watch this space and your email for information about Friday’s action.

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  1. Noam Mor

    What is the procedure to file for unemployment insurance? I live in New Jersey. Do I fill out an unemployment form online and, if so, what should I be aware of when filling it out? Thanks for any assistance. I am Noam Mor, philosophy,

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