Lockout Protest: 9/7, 8am, DeKalb & Flatbush

Sep 5, 2016 by

Lockout Protest: 9/7, 8am, DeKalb & Flatbush



  1. Natasha Gasaway

    I would like to help in any way that I can. I am in awe that the administration would stoop to levels so slow, as to why they would lockout faculty members who might not have had intentions on an immediate strike is ironic. I will not be given instruction in the fall 2016 courses I am currently enrolled in, by unqualified faculty members. I pay too much damn tuition to accept such behavior. Again, I would like to help in any way that I can!

    Natasha Gasaway

  2. Nanci Spano

    I’m completely OUTRAGED about this! Putting students educations at the bottom of the GREED pile!

  3. GC

    What a disgrace a lock out for everyone! I walked into an empty classroom. What happened to putting quality education for students first. Its about greed and not about teaching and learning. A lock out shows that the administration knew the proposal was not fair and would not be accepted.
    How much is President Cline going to reimburse families for depriving us the education we selected and are paying for!

    What is the plan we need to get back to learning.

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