Letter to LIU Brooklyn students from the Brooklyn Faculty

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Letter to LIU Brooklyn students from the Brooklyn Faculty

Dear LIU Brooklyn Students:

The LIU faculty is NOT ON STRIKE. We were locked out by the administration before we had the opportunity to vote on their contract offer. We are continuing to negotiate in good faith. We are appalled at the administration’s disrespect not only for us but for you, the students. They claim they are acting on behalf of your interests in an effort to divide us. In an effort to balance the budget, they are cutting back on faculty salaries the same way they are cutting back on your scholarships and stipends. None of the replacement teachers they have imposed on you are prepared and many are not qualified to teach your classes. For the administration to claim that they are providing “highly qualified faculty with advanced degrees and expertise to teach courses” is simply false. We are that faculty, and they locked us out and cut our benefits, including health insurance, and pay. The replacement teachers are imposters.

We are working hard to return to the classroom with a decent contract and to make sure that you get the education you deserve.The lockout has prompted outrage across the nation. For more information, read the story published in the Nation. If you want to become involved, please provide your name and contact information here. If the contract is not settled by Wednesday, we will be outside at a mass rally protesting the lockout. You are welcome to join us beginning at 8am in front of the main building.  If we stand united, we can win back our campus.

In solidarity,

LIU Brooklyn Faculty


  1. Holly A. Stovall, Macomb, IL

    Administrators are too numerous and have too much power at universities now. I hope there is a vote of no confidence soon, and I stand with you. Shame on the impostors who’ve agreed to occupy your classrooms. Students will not be fooled.

  2. Muhammad zeshan

    This is just not tolerable. Liu is doing wrong with professors and students. We are paying so much money and looking what liu is doing kicking our professors out. I don’t understand what are we paying for this semester if we won’t get what we want.

  3. Lisa Avitabile

    This is absolutely ridiculous and it’s actually appalling to think that such a highly ranked school is functioning at a level like this right now. This is yet again another act of greed and disrespect on the part of LIU Brooklyn towards the amazing staff and faculty of professors at LIU Brooklyn. How can this school sit here and promise to the students that they will have professors who know my field when all they are, are ” fill-ins or imposters.” You, LIU as a university charge each student an exorbitant amount of money per credit to attend classes at the master’s level and this is the repayment that you give us, when all you can sit there and say is that the students have your best interest? Think about that and tell me that this us a truly honest statement. How would you like to hear that your professors have been locked out because of a money issue and they won’t be there to instruct your class they way it is supposed to be instructed, that to me does not sound like have the students best interest at heart. I’m sorry, but as a graduate student I cannot even believe that this is actually happening to a university that has a standing that LIU Brooklyn. I am traveling a ways to get here each day and I don’t appreciate that fact that my best interest in not at the heart of LIU Brooklyn. I am nervous to say the least that my degree will not have the same standing as it does because I don’t have professors who even know my field nonthelesss may not have even worked a day in my field in their life. This is a disgrace and to think that all of us as students feel mentally incapable of performing at a graduate level when I don’t even know who the person is that enters he room nor do I know what degrees or educational values they possess. I think I am going to have to mention to all my future graduate student friends to leave a pending bill and do not make a payment until this issue is resolved. There is no reason why I should pay for an education that is inferior to the education of the faculty of LIU Brooklyn.

    • Constance Halporn

      Absolutely true. No one should give LIU a cent until the real faculty is teaching. The rate that tuition has increased is appalling.
      Where is the Development office..What kind of endowment or lack there of.

      How can the Trustees think this is a good idea, unless the plan is to close Brooklyn?

  4. Connett Brewer

    I attended my first class this morning to gain some perspective. What I found was a confused student population and a Teaching Assistant from the Pharmacy Department that was assigned to “teach” Organic Chemistry. He did not have any curriculum on hand, nor was he in the least prepared to instruct a class. He abruptly left the class twice. Once was in order to retrieve chalk for the board; and, a second time was to discuss something in the hall with what appeared to be another staff member. Many of the students made comments in question, wondering where the actual professor was. This Teaching Assistant could not render a syllabus, nor could he instruct on anything of substance. He “instructed” for about 15 minutes before asking students to regurgitate information he had already written on the board. He then proceeded to ask everyone’s names in an obvious effort to fill time. I am a Veteran of this country’s military and am proud to be able to attend an institute of higher learning. This current situation by LIU is a utter and complete disservice to the Veterans attending this school, and in equal measure, a disservice to the student population as a whole. I chose to apply and attend this school most significantly based on the premise that it was a high rated, “Veteran Oriented” school. The prior Professors, whose classes I have had the honor to attend, absolutely deserve any and all support. I will do my best to encourage all of my fellow students, Veteran or other, to lodge their support for the faculty that commits so much of their time to ensure and mentor the successes of future students.

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