From the LIUFF Bargaining Team

Sep 4, 2016 by

September 4th, 2016 Dear LIUFF Colleagues, Over the past few days, you have been barraged by letters from the Administration’s negotiating team.  These letters have been, quite frankly, baffling—a mixture of lecturing us about how good we have it, bragging about their generosity towards us, and bullying, first with the threat of docked pay and cancelled benefits and then by informing us that we are locked out as of Saturday at midnight. They also contain a more insidious message, one that they have been sharing with students in an effort to turn them against the faculty:  that there is a direct connection between treating faculty fairly and tuition increases and that if faculty really cared about students they would take the Administration’s offer. So at the outset, let us be clear:  the decision to...

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