American Federation of Teachers letters campaign

Sep 3, 2016 by

Please continue to support the part-time and full-time faculty by signing and sharing the letters campaign started by the American Federation of Teachers. Support in this time of crisis is crucial!

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  1. Rebecca States

    Locking out the faculty of Long Island University Brooklyn creates even bigger barriers for our urban commuter students getting the quality education they deserve. Normally, LIU Brooklyn is a welcoming and productive place for students who like personal attention and may not be comfortable in elite institutions of higher education. Our students are dedicated to their education and LIU should return the favor by staffing their classes with experienced, prepared and highly qualified instructors who know the students and know how to help them get the most out of their education.
    The university has transferred $30 million out of operating budgets to add to the endowment in the past 2 years, using tuition dollars from current students to substitute for effective fundraising and make the university look better as a corporate entity.
    Our students deserve better!

  2. Jeff Campoli

    I am an alumni of LIU Brooklyn and support the Long Island University part-time and full-time faculty’s efforts to negotiate a fair contract. I hope the administration ends the lockout and returns to the table soon. The students deserve the faculty that makes LIU what it is!

  3. I write to express solidarity with the locked out faculty of Long Island University, Brooklyn. Western Illinois University faculty, like myself, know all too well the damage a capricious and imperious administration can do. As faculty and as union members, we must speak up for our students and for higher education.

    Higher education is a human right.

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