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LIU Brooklyn Lockout
Frequently Asked Questions

I have important meetings with students, administrators, or colleagues scheduled for Tuesday, September 6th. Can I hold those meetings?
No. The university administration has locked out faculty as of midnight on September 3rd. All full and part time faculty will be prohibited from stepping onto campus and conducting their work.

Will I have health insurance during the lockout?
No. In locking out the faculty, the administration will not pay wages or fringe benefits, including health, dental, and vision insurance. You have a right to purchase insurance through COBRA, and the administration has distributed information about the cost of COBRA through the LIU email system.

Will I be paid wages while I am locked out?
No. The university does not pay wages to locked out employees. Because this is an action taken against you by the administration, you are entitled to unemployment benefits through New York State. You can register for unemployment benefits here: http://www.ny.gov/services/get-unemployment-assistance

Will I lose my job?
No. The federal rules that govern lockouts and strikes say that workers who are locked out cannot be permanently replaced. The administration has the right to replace you temporarily, but at the conclusion of the lockout, you are entitled to return to work.

The email from administration said the lockout might happen. Have they locked us out or not?
The administration made it clear to the LIUFF negotiating team that faculty will be locked out as of midnight on September 3rd (that’s late Friday night). Their email suggesting this was only a possibility is confusing and inaccurate. They will lock us out at the end of Friday, September 2nd.

Will any of my colleagues be working?
No. This is not a strike. This is an action taken against LIU Brooklyn faculty by the administration. They will be preventing all of us from working. You will not be able to step onto campus after Friday, September 2nd, until the conclusion of the lockout.

What is LIUFF doing to resolve the lockout?
The negotiating team has been working since April on behalf of the faculty and continues to bargain in good faith. The next negotiating session is scheduled for Thursday, September 8th. We continue to work toward a fair and just contract for all faculty at LIU Brooklyn.

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  1. Bob Nathanson

    Although Post faculty have a contract, will they walk out in solidarity (have they been asked?)? Feel free to involve retired faculty as Exec. Committee sees fit.
    All Best,
    Bob Nathanson, Prof Emeritus

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