LIUFF Bargaining Update: Lockout

Aug 31, 2016 by

LIUFF Bargaining Update: Lockout

Dear LIUFF Member,

The Administration has taken an unprecedented act of aggression and hostility against our faculty and students by preemptively locking the faculty out of coming to work effective Friday September 2nd at midnight. To be locked out means  we are barred from coming to campus after 12 a.m. on 9/2/16. This action was taken against us while we continue to negotiate in good faith. We are now making plans to hold our scheduled membership meeting at an alternate site off campus at 12 noon on Tuesday 9/6/16 as planned. Most likely we will be graciously accommodated by a local Fort Greene Church. This will be confirmed,tomorrow, Thursday, 9/1/16.

The Administration took this action despite our request for a mediator, a request to which they did not respond.

Please note that a lockout is different from a strike. We are not on strike, and therefore we cannot be permanently replaced. Please continue to check this website and your personal email for updates.

In solidarity,

Jessica Rosenberg

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