President Rosenberg standing up for equity in the Seawanhaka!

Apr 25, 2016 by

LIUFF President Jessica Rosenberg is featured in the Seawanhaka addressing LIU President Kim Cline’s claim that campus financials have shown real improvement:

“The LIUFF is optimistic, given LIU’s improved financial health, that President Cline will make an investment in the faculty union through a fair and just contract. We want President Cline to end the decade-long practice of paying [LIU] Post faculty more than the Brooklyn faculty. Almost 50% of Brooklyn full-time faculty makes less than our counterparts at Post at rank level,” Rosenberg said in a statement to Seawanhaka.

“We look to her leadership to recognize that all of our faculty, full and part-time, deserve wages and benefits that enable us to do what we love best — [to] teach our students and help them on their path to success. Like President Cline, we also want our students to succeed and the institution to excel. We call President Cline to do the right thing and invest in a fair contract for all full and part-time faculty members,” the statement concluded.

Check out the full article here.


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