Strike Vote Authorization: May 2, 3-5pm, LLC 122

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Strike Vote Authorization: May 2, 3-5pm, LLC 122

LIUFF General Membership Meeting – Strike Authorization Vote
Monday, May 2, 3 – 5 pm., LLC 122

What is a strike authorization vote? First, we are not voting to strike. A “yes” vote simply means that the membership has given the Executive Committee the authority to recommend a strike vote when our contract expires, and it gives us permission to file the requisite paperwork with the state. At the end of August, there will be a ratification meeting at which the entire membership will have the opportunity to vote on whether to accept the contract offer on the table or to go on strike.

As we continue negotiations with the LIU administration, we have two major issues of parity facing us: one is the disparity between full-time faculty salaries at Brooklyn and Post; the other is the long-standing disparity between part-time and full-time faculty in terms of pay, benefits, and working conditions.
Despite the fact that Administration now recognizes that the Post faculty has been privileged over the Brooklyn faculty by millions of dollars over the past decade, they have not proposed any solutions. And while President Cline extols the improved financial health of the University, we have thus far not seen any improvements in resources for faculty. At Brooklyn, we continue to earn salaries that do not keep up with the rising costs of rent, health care, and general cost of living.

At the last negotiations session, we submitted proposals that would increase full-time salaries while keeping health care costs manageable. Equally important, we submitted proposals that would add a pay step for adjunct faculty, that would extend pay for office hours, and that would require the administration to contribute towards adjunct health, dental, and life insurance—that is, that would give our part-time faculty some of the same benefits that full-time faculty have enjoyed for years.

The LIUFF will never accept that the Brooklyn faculty is worth less than the Post faculty or that part-time faculty are worth less than full-time faculty.
Our contract expires on August 31, 2016. While we will work hard to ensure that afair contract has been agreed on by that point, enabling us to go on to work in the fall semester, we must take steps now, before the faculty disperses for the summer, to ensure that we have the option to strike should we not reach a fair agreement.

Please join us for this important meeting and bring a colleague.

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