Local 153

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Local 153

LIUFF Supports our Sister Union, Local 153

Local 153 represents approximately 220 members at Post and Brooklyn, 100 of whom work on the Brooklyn campus. They are our colleagues, working as department secretaries, in the Registrar and Admissions offices, in the library, as laboratory technicians, and in other positions throughout the University.  And they have been working without a contract since March 2012.

In the past 2 ½ years, over 30 negotiating sessions have been held. A professional mediator has been assigned. Despite this protracted period of bargaining, no agreement has been reached. With no end in sight, Local 153 has filed several charges against the University with the National Labor Relations Board, including one of surface bargaining.

Surface bargaining occurs when one party goes through the motions of negotiating with no intent of coming to an agreement. “Surface bargaining tactics may include making proposals the other party could never accept, taking inflexible or unreasonable stands on issues, and/or refusing to offer alternatives to proposals. In the United States, surface bargaining constitutes an unfair labor practice under the National Labor Relations Act.”* We note that the NLRB has not yet ruled on these charges and, accordingly, LIUFF makes no assessment of the merits of this case.

Three Reasons Why LIUFF Supports Local 153

1. The members of Local 153 are essential to our mission of educational excellence. Our ability to be effective in our role as faculty is dependent on a stable workforce. If no agreement is reached, we will likely see more disruptions to an already weakened and demoralized workforce. We can’t stand much more instability, and neither can our students.

2. Local 153’s situation at the bargaining table is a preview of coming attractions of our own negotiations in 2016. Proposals like reductions to the retirement plan, tuition remission, health care, and other items are likely to be “offered” to the faculty as well. The inability of the parties to come to resolution does not bode well for our future.

3. Local 153 members are among the lowest paid employees on our campus; many of them are earning near poverty-level wages. As fellow union members, we stand together in asking that LIU treat its workers better.

*Holley, William H.; Jennings, Kenneth M.; and Wolters, Roger S. The Labor Relations Process. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2008.

Twomey, David P. Labor & Employment Law: Text & Cases. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2010.

LIUFF Officers: Jessica Rosenberg, President; Ralph Engelman, Vice-President; Mohammed Ghriga, Treasurer; Emily Drabinski, Secretary; Melissa Antinori, Grievance Chair

LIUFF Executive Committee: Esther Brill, Dennis Broe, Sara Campbell, Margaret Cuonzo, Edward Donahue, Stacey Horstmann-Gatti, Susanna Jones, Edward Keane, Rachel King, Maria McGarrity, Deborah Mutnick, Michael Pelias, Klaudia Rivera, Herb Sherman, Vidhya Swaminathan

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