Full-Time Faculty Dental

Dental Coverage

Under the terms of the 2011-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the University shall provide dental coverage as a benefit to full-time members.  Adjunct members may, at their own cost, receive dental coverage at the group rate.

The dental plan provided will be identical to the plan previously provided through dues payments by the LIUFF.  As in the past, three levels of coverage will be provided; single, “+ one”, and full family.  The faculty member can, at his or her discretion, move between a PPO plan, providing a $2,000 annual benefit per person after deductible, or a DMO providing an unlimited level of coverage on a percentage of cost scale.  The full explanation of benefits is provided below.


  •  The University will provide $180,000 in total premiums for the first year of the contract, with the amount provided increasing by 5% annually thereafter.
  • A year is defined as the academic year, from September 1 to August 31 annually.
  • The cost of single coverage is free for all enrolled full-time faculty members
  • The differential in cost between individual coverage and extended coverage (“+ one” or family) is free until such time as the pool of money provided for premium payments is exhausted.
  • If the pool of money for premium payments is depleted, the faculty member will pay for the extended coverage by pre-tax payroll deduction for the remainder of that year.
  PPO Explanation of Benefits DMO Explanation of Benefits