Adjunct Faculty Benefits


Adjunct Benefits Trust Fund

The 2003-2006 CBA called for the establishment of an Adjunct Benefits Trust Fund. The Trust is funded by a one-time contribution of $50,000 from the LIUFF and annual contributions from the Administration. Under the 2011-2016 CBA, these contributions will be $80,000 annually.

The Trust is a distinct legal entity, separate from but answerable to the LIUFF. A Trust was legally constituted, with the following persons named as Trustees:

Michael Pelias (Chair),   Melissa Antinori,  Arthur Kimmel, Erik Lehman, Rebecca States, LIUFF President (ex officio)

The trustees voted to use the Fund to provide money to adjuncts for use in purchasing health insurance. The following eligibility criteria were passed and implemented

    • At least 50 contact hours over a continual 4 year period
    • No other source of employer paid health insurance for either the adjunct or the adjuncts spouse.
    • Presentation of proof of payment for the personal purchase of health insurance.

If you feel that you are eligible to participate in the trust fund, please contact either Michael Pelias or Melissa Antinori.


Adjunct Seniority Payments

The 2011-2016 CBA established a system of bonuses to long-serving adjuncts. Money provided by the University will be distributed as directed by the LIUFF. The Administration shall provide $65,000 annually for this purpose and provide longevity information to the LIUFF by no later than February 15, annually. The criteria developed by the LIUFF and approved by the Executive Committee are:

    • Membership in good standing with the LIUFF.
    • A minimum of 85 credits taught over a 10 year period.
    • No more than a one-year gap in service.
    • Money will be distributed on a pro-rated basis, based on the total number of credits taught over the 10 year period.


Access to Insurance

Adjuncts with at least 2 years of service and 12 credits per year are entitled to purchase both health insurance and dental insurance for themselves and their spouses/dependents through the University under the group rate.


Tuition Remission

Adjuncts are entitled to tuition remission of non-Ph.D. courses taken at Long Island University for themselves or their dependents at a rate of one credit of tuition remission for each contact hour taught. This tuition remission may be “banked” for credits taught up to 2 years prior to the semester in which tuition remission is sought. Tuition remission does not cover fees and the recipients are required to fill out all Federal and State student aid forms.