A variety of benefits are specified in the LIUFF-LIU Collective Bargaining Agreement. All members should read this document to apprise themselves of benefits which are provided by the University. All inquiries about such benefits should be directed to University Center (Payroll-Benefits division).

IMPORTANT! Benefits provided through Long Island University are conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and, in some cases, subject to applicable Federal, State and Local Laws.  Information provided on this website is informational only! Any questions regarding these benefits should be directly addressed to John Doran, Benefits, University Center.

Get familiar with all of LIUFF benefits.

Full-Time Faculty Benefits


Adjunct Faculty Benefits (click here to access all of the adjunct faculty benefits)


Any unresolved problems with benefits should be reported to both the LIUFF and to the Payroll-Benefits division at University Center. To report unresolved problems to LIUFF, please click here.